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Cave Diving


SubAquaSport offers cave diving in various caves in Romania and abroad. We accept only certified cave divers. Open Water divers may take overhead environment courses, starting with Cavern Diver. Please see below for more information.


SubAquaSport offers cave diving in various caves in Romania and overseas.


We take trips to the Mexican Riviera Maya at least once a year for cavern and cave diving in the cenotes.  We also organize cave diving trips to Northern Florida as well as to various submerged caves in Europe.

For additional information, please contact us.


Below you will find videos shot by our team in various caves around the world. We add new videos from time to time - you are invited to visit us periodically to check out where we've been diving lately!

Cave Diving

We can only accept certified cave divers - for those who wish to become cave-certified,   we offer afull array of Cave diving courses, from Cavern to Technical Cave Diver. Certified cave divers are free to bring their own doubles and stages. Doubles and stages as well as weights can also be rented from us. Due to the low water temperature in Romanian caves (4 C/39 F to      

8 C/46 F) adequate exposure protection is paramount (drysuits are recommended, although a 7mm wetsuit could be sufficient for shorter dives). Cave divers are required to have their own reels. While helmets are not mandatory we highly recommend them.

Those interested in Romanian cave diving can find more information on

For inquiries, reservations, prices and additional information, please contact us.

Cave Diving Courses

The overhead environment courses we offer are Cavern Diver, Intro To Cave, Cave Diver, Cave Sidemount Diver and Technical Cave Diver. Those who wish to sign up for these courses need to be at least Advanced O/W certified, be at least 18 years old, have excellent buoyancy control and trim (no skulling), have good finning techniques (modified frog-kick; shuffle-kick; flutter-kick), have the capacity to swim underwater with scuba-gear without a mask for at least 50 m (165 ft). We teach these courses with doubles and expect our students (Intro to Cave to Technical Cave) to have their own gear and be comfortable with it - we do not teach you how to use this gear; to qualify for these courses you must already be proficient with doubles and the rest of your cave diving equipment.  Students have a choice of certifying agency: IANTD or TDI.  The courses consist of a number of classroom work hours, a written exam, a number of dives, practicing of the skills listed above, practicing with a reel, a variety of exercises such as: out-of-air; following a line in the dark; lost buddy; lost line; bump-and-go, as well as complex navigation exercises, diving with stage tanks and O2 decompression dives for Technical Cave students.  

Fees for the course(s) are payable in advance and are non-refundable. To pass the course, a student must show proficiency in ALL of the skills listed. The certification is EARNED and payment of fees does not guarantee that a certificate will be awarded at the end of the course. Make-up classes and dives may be required at an additional cost.

For fees please see the Prices page. For inquiries, reservations and additional information, please contact us.

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